• Recruitment Services Package - Time Bound

Recruitment Services Package - Time Bound


Recruitment Services Package - Time Bound is a service package to recruit people. These packages are based on the time period of an assignment.

In our program, we offer:

  • Latest market insights and continuous supply of the right quantity of talent with the needed skills.
  • Dedicated consultants, who make a commitment in terms of both intellectual engagement and time.
  • Qualified candidates through rigorous processes and our “Efficiency Metrics.”

Our service cultivates a long term relationship and assists the complete process of attracting, screening, selecting, developing and retaining the best available talent in the market.

Our standard monthly price for this HR service is given below. This covers upto 5 positions upto a CTC of Rs 6 lakhs per annum. However, depending on the level of customization and scope of engagement, it may 

  • ₹.100,000.00

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