mpHRO (Multi-Process HR Outsourcing) has emerged from the need to contribute to the business value and move away from focusing on transactional HR activities. The transactional activities can be outsourced to partners who are experts while the HR team can concentrate on strategic aspects.

In our program we: 

  • Work with efficacy through support of the best people, process, and robust technology platform.
  • Help you re-engineer processes, thus can improve the employee satisfaction levels.
  • Offer outsourcing in employee lifecycle management, onboard management, employee movements, helpdesk and other areas.

mpHRO plays a vital role in impacting business rather than just supporting it. Through this outsourcing, the administrative and transactional burden is decreased so that HR can focus on critical areas and thus, become a strategic partner.

Our standard monthly price for this HR service is given below, which is valid for an organization of manpower strength of upto 500. However, depending on the level of customization and scope of engagement, it may vary.

  • ₹.250,000.00

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