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VoP Solutions


VoP (Vendor on Premise) solution provides organizations with an on-site employee for dedicated assistance with day-to-day functions. Our representative remains more in tune with your office culture and adjusts more quickly to changing requirements.

With our program we:

  • Provide a well-built database of talent which can be sourced quickly and deployed at client organizations.
  • Create a strong connect between people and organization and help them succeed together.
  • Help you improve your bottom line.

With VoP Solution, HR has more time to focus on "core" duties while the onsite representative takes care of non-value adding tasks. It also becomes an ideal talent gateway to better identify and secure proven performers if your organization requires to transition contingent workers to full-time employees.

Our standard per month per resource price for this HR service is given below. However, depending on the level of customization and scope of engagement, it may vary.

  • ₹.35,000.00

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