• Outbound Trainings

Outbound Trainings


Outbound Training has been identified as a part of experiential education. It uses a unique approach to boost physical, mental and emotional development of individuals.

In our program:

  • Trend analytics is used to understand the needs of the Individual.
  • Training module for each client is tailor made to suit training needs of clients.
  • Diverse range of activities and options are given to choose from.

This service has had a tremendous growth due to its effectiveness. Individuals are able to perform at their optimum levels and achieve organizational objectives.

Our standard price for this HR service is given below. This covers an 8 hour program for a class of 20 students. The cost of external training facility would be extra. However, depending on the level of customization and scope of engagement, the price may vary.

  • ₹.25,000.00

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