• CHRO Transition Management

CHRO Transition Management


To fill the vacuum during an unexpected event of CHRO Transition, senior HR experts are provided on a temporary basis to manage the transition process and to ensure that the service level of the HR function does not go downThese experts help to manage the inevitable ambiguity and uncertainty associated with such transitions.

In our program, we help you in:

  • Filling the leadership gap in the HR function during the transition process.
  • Providing continuity to the ongoing HR interventions.
  • Managing the morale of the current HR team.

Our experts ensure that the ambiguity during the transition process gets addressed by being available on-site and being hands-on in their approach towards HR issues.

Our standard price for this HR service is given below. This is the monthly price for a senior transition leader with 8 days of on-site availability. However, depending on the level of customization and scope of engagement, the price may vary.

  • Rs. 250,000.00

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