• Skills For Life

Skills For Life


Skills For Life refers to skill sets which are used throughout life.  Life is characterized as life at the office, home, social gatherings and personal life.

 With our program we focus on:

  • Offering an effective way to lead life.
  • The personal story of Call for Adventure, Glimpse Within, Threshold, Collective Consciousness and Realization.
  • Building areas like Body language, Negotiation skills, Hypnotic language, Influencing Skills, Power of delegation any many more.
  • Using various techniques like Theatrical improvisation, Neuroplasticity videos, Interactive games and few more.

With this program, we bring our expertise and execute the project to the completion. After the completion, effectiveness of the program can be tested in simulated settings.

Our standard price for this HR service is given below. This covers maximum 20 participants in one class over a 5 day workshop. However, depending on the level of customization and scope of engagement, the price may vary.

  • Rs. 250,000.00

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